Diva Challenge #301 - DuoTangle (Sort of) - Paradox vs Diva Dance

DuoTangle (Sort of) - Paradox, Diva Dance,
and a little Lumpi,
The Diva features Rick and Maria's video "Kitchen Table Tangles" with Rick doing his Paradox with Diva Dance. He does it with such patience and structure, love watching his process and listening to both he and Maria.

I really love Paradox, but we were not always friends, with persistence, and lot's of practice, we became very close. I enjoy the way this tangle takes on different forms depending on the original shape / structure that encases Paradox. I chose to begin with a square and let it build from there.

I always feature this tangle in my Beyond Basics class. I feel it's one of the tangles that takes complete concentration, it makes you pay attention. I also enjoy the fact that is can really morph into such a beautiful organic, curvy delight. I tried to show the variation of form, line weight, the difference adjusting spacing of each line makes in the look of Paradox.

Lumpi is a tangle by Natalie Plechova that I just came across on YouTube and I had to incorporate it. I TRIED to keep this a DuoTangle, but I am WEAK...

I tucked my chop in the same fashion as Rick's, inspiration by our fearless leaders :)

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Diva Challenge #300 - Moebius Awareness Day

Moebius Syndrome Awarness - version1
Dancers, Smiles, Hearts, Mooka, Tipple, and Printemps

Moebius Syndrome Awarness - version 2
Moebius Awareness logo with Tripoli, some Hearts and Purple!

The Diva Reached her 300th Challenge this week, congratulations to her. For this week's challenge we revisit the Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day. Her son Artoo has this syndrome and through her blog we have seen his progress and amazing development.

This is the fifth Moebius Syndrome Awareness Challenge I've had the honor to participated in: Challenge #55, #103, #151, #251.  I chose to use a 3Z tile size and shape. The slogan "Smile With Your Heart" is a wonderful uplifting message so I used that as my inspiration.

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 Challenge #299 - Drawings and Triangle Exploration

Combined Triangle Tiles, Common String, with touches of blue

triangle tiles 1-5
triangle tiles 6-8
Last week I decided to try my hand at triangle tiles. Mine are not equilateral (only 2 sides are 3.5") since I cut them out of a divided circle. but it gave me the basic feel. I created a template and I cutout my in the "fashion of" the official Zentangle® 3Z triangle tiles.This was more of an exploration in sections. I used the Zentangle blog Twelve Days of 3Zs Christmas Challenge as inspiration. Things got way out of hand and I couldn't stop myself. I finished up my pieces Sunday night.

Lot's of tangles and techniques for these pieces:
  1. Shattuck, Cresent Moon, Drawings, Tripoli,
  2. Lolliwhop, Knightsbridge, Mac-Ra-Me, Gourdeous
  3. ICanThis, Poke Berry, Knightsbridge,
  4. Drawings, Tipple,
  5. Marasu, Poke Leaf, Molygons, Printemps, with Bijou's cousin
  6. Tripoli, Crescent Moon, Moowa,     Knightsbridge, Purk beadz
  7. Tripoli, Hollibaugh, Tipple
  8. Drawings, Diva Dance

This is over the top for me but what the heck!

Challenge #298 - UMT - Orbs-la-Dee by Anneke van Dam

Mooka, MI2, Knightsbridge, Orbs-la-Dee, Pressedwood, Printemps,
Betweed, Baublz, Dancers, Leaves, Crescent Moonisms, Munchin, and more...

Challenge #293 - Keeko, you know!

Keeko is one of my go to tangles and I too, always, include it in my Basics class. Fun challenge and I tried to push the envelope a bit with this one, do a little rounding, lot's of shading and movement. Fun time with Keeko, thanks Diva!

Challenge #286 - Straight To It - "Pipe Town"

Pipe Town: W2, Square Tipple, Pipz, Flukes, Cubine,
and a little town
The Diva's Challenge #286 asks us to use only straight lines. I'm not a straight line tangler, curves are my thing, so I did the best I could. I kept my string square, just a couple of boxes and went from there. Began with a loose W2 and let it grow organicly from there. Loose W2 with square tipple background elongated into pipz, a small town grew out of the top, Flukes triangles and Cubine with pipes peeping out all over.

I have some classes coming up in a new space in Saline. Two Twelve Arts was my class home for the last 6 years, it closed this September. Two Twelve was a wonderful space to teach with a great group of people all supporting the arts community in this area. Margie Bovee was the founder and supporter of this wonderful adventure. Margie was a director of the Cowan Slavin Foundation, a 501 C 3 non-profit corporation, which was managed by her father, Albert Slavin. That Massachusetts based foundation funded the Two Twelve Arts Center for the last ten years.The Two Twelve will be missed, a wonderful home and a great group of people.

Now there is a new space that has been offered to the artists of Saline for teaching, community development and lot's of art. Classes offered in the space are advertised through Saline Community Ed, so it's an exciting beginning of something new in Saline. The group that will be administering the space and classes in the new venue is known as Spring Valley Arts. Look for more updates. 

Challenge #282 - Spill It!

Beets, and Blue food coloring enhanced with
some colored pencils - Abeko, Fengle tendrils,
Sanibelle, Some leaves and Tipple, Yum!

Look who appeared...
Mister coffee head sporting some Fescu hair

This week the Diva asks us to spill something on our tile and draw inspiration from that process. Loved this, I'm quite a spiller anyway so I enjoyed being asked to do it on purpose! I chose beets (eat them in my salads everyday), coffee and Almond milk (my daily jolt), some old Sangria in the fridge, old rusty bolts, and some blueberries smashed and mushed around.I also put a few wet, rusty washers and screws on the watercolor paper and let them sit.

The watercolor paper was an Archette (Arches) pad of rough paper. I didn't find it easy to work with. Once I applied my spills, my micron pens did not play well with this paper or the surfaces created by my spills. I had to use my thickest microns and it was hit or miss especially with the coffee/almond milk spill.

I chose the beets and coffee stains for my final tiles. I love the color the wonderful vibrant color the beet stains left and I chose to add some blue food coloring and enhance the tile with some watercolor pencils.

The coffee stain morphed itself into a funny little Fescu-topped creature, I also used soy sauce to enhance certain areas. It has the feel of the fat blueberry boy in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. This must have appeared as a nod to Gene Wilder who died this week. I was also just delighted with the fanciful creatures Margaret Bremmer discovered in her spills exploration this week. Mine is not as sophisticated or beautiful but he was fun to discover, I bet Bijou is a friend of his!

The blueberry pulp colors were beautiful but the mashed up pulp became part of the paper as it dried, so it was a bit challenging to work on. I think I'll be working with my spills and exploring them in the future.

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Blueberry Study in process...
Original spills (Top Left to Bottom Right)
Smashed Blueberries, Beet Juice, Coffee with Almond Milk,
Sangria, and some rusty bolts in the center

Challenge #281 - Tangle ING

ING with Knightsbridge, Zenplosion Folds, Hollibaugh and Fracus
The Diva's challenge this week revisits the tangle ING. This is an official Zentangle pattern that was introduced by Molly Hollybaugh during CZT training 15. This tangle lends itself to lot's of variations, it works well as a straight laced,  structured tangle, but also works as a loosey goosey (my fave), organic tangle.

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Here's a link to my 2014 challenge piece using ING.