Challenge #156 - Curvy Gridlock and #155 - A Little White Space

Grid-based, Knightsbridge, Copada, MI2
Scrolls, Beadz and strings, and
The Diva's Challenge for week #156 asks us to create a Curvy Grid-based work. I don't usually use many grid-based structured tangles but I'm always up for a challenge.  I used MI2, Florz, Copada, Knightsbridge, some beadz and baubles, curves and rolls. Then I added lots of shading and volume play. I'm not a grid gal, but adding the curves made it much more palatable for me.

I wasn't able to make comments this week because of my computer. This piece took me many days to complete but I'm happy with the results. I used a simple string and then penciled in a grid for reference. I began tangling my little centered egg shape, then worked on the right side with beginning with MI2. The molding tangles developed from the grid, I just divided, auraed and repeated. Not sure if it's an official tangle.

This piece was much more involved than my usual process. It is grid-based but not very "structured". Organic is always my end result but I used a confined organic to keep to the letter of for this challenge.

My second piece is from last week's #155 - "A Little White Space" open-space challenge. My computer has been wonky so I didn't get it posted last week. I am very comfortable with open spaces in my work. I think it gives my pieces breathing room. I love to let the viewers mind/eye complete the spaces, not filling every nook and cranny is my preference. I get involved in so much of the detail when I work. I love the textures, shading and levels we can create with the Zentangle process and our beautiful tangles so leaving open space, for me, is very important. Check out the Diva's site for more wonderful work and join in one of the Diva's challenges yourself.
Hollibaugh, Knightsbridge border, Beadz, Tipple
Lot's of contrast and shading

Challenge #154 - Valentangle

The Diva's challenge for week #154 and she's all about Valentines Day. She asks us to create a Valentangle", great term, no? I chose to embrace hearts and of course red. My heart is a play on Maria's new tangle Aquafleur with some Knightsbridge stripes, lot's of hearts, and some Printemps with lot's of Auraknot texture. I used my wonderful Derwent Inktense pencils to add a touch of red and yummy texture with my white gel pen. I'm so pleased that my Printemp spirals magically turned into wonderful little rose bouquets when I added a wash of red to the centers.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Hope it's sweet and full of wonderful loving thoughts, hugs, and Zentangles!

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Challenge #153 - "Use My Tangle" - Jailed Johnny

The Diva's challenge for week #153 is a UMT (Use My Tangle) challenge featuring Jailed Johnny - by Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT.

This tangle allows user to apply lot's of variations. I definitely kept to the letter, not taking it literally, but used the basic elements. Check out her step out instructions. Nice tangle Sadelle!

I used string pattern #90 and went the basic Monotangle route, nestling Jailed Johnny tangleations in bed's of Tipple, shading, and line work.. Try it, you'll like it.

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Challenge #151 - String Theory: Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day

The week's Diva's challenge  #151 features the Moebius Syndrome Foundation's logo as our focus/string. Laura has featured this particular challenge for the last three years to bring awareness to her son Artoo's condition. This is my third year for the Moebius challenge. I so appreciate the fact that her weekly challenge have opened my eyes to this condition. It's been an honor to follow her fabulous little guys journey through his life and being able to share his challenges.

Artoo told his mom that he wants to be a Palaeontologist when he grows up, so this one's for you little guy. A few Dinosaurs to help bring awareness to this syndrome and help his heart smile! Tomorrow is MSAD (Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day). Check out the Diva's site to see all the wonderful contributions for this week.

Challenge #150 - One Little Word - Maitri

The Diva's challenge this week asks us to choose a word that will guide us for 2014. I chose the Maitri; a Sanskript word meaning Gentle loving kindness towards oneself, feeling at home with one's own mind and body. I think the only way to pursue goals is to recognize where we are and be comfortable with ourselves. If I don't like me then why should anyone else? I do want to pursue my higher self and creativity and I think that the only way I am able to change is if I recognize where I'm beginning.
Being open, creative, loving, kind, having gratitude for all you have, pursuing a higher purpose is my goal for the new year.

Challenge #149 - The New Year, 2014

Challenge #149 , the first Monday of 2014, a New Year, New Challenges, New Opportunities to enhance and grow our creative muscles. The Diva's challenge this week asks us to feature the New Year, 2014. Thanks again Diva, I know it's going to be a great new year. Here is my wish for all of you, Happy New Year!

Challenge #145 - New Official Tangle: Quib

For each CZT training Rick and Maria come up with a new tangle. The tangle for CZT Training CZT Seminar XII is called Quib a great versatile organic little beauty. View the the step outs for the new tangle in the latest Zentangle newsletter and the fabulous examples tiles creating using this new tangle!

This is such a fun tangle and I chose to create some little bejeweled crown fasteners, baubles, and add some wonky wire with danglies and beads. I added a little purple and blue which seamed to go perfectly with the majestic caps. I used my Sakura micron, black and purple, and my Derwent Inktense pencils for the color wash and blends.

I modified my tile after seeing it on line; adding the dark starry night background behind the main Quib, I also intensified the shading. It seemed a little floaty without that added touch.

Thanks Laura for another great challenge. Check out the other wonderful entries for this week.

Version Two - In the round (sort of)
Looping Quib with Mooka

Original tile with lighter background