Challenge #181 - Water

Bijou's cousins? Sanibelle, Printemps, Dansk, using the W string,
lot's of auras and swirls and Emily Dickinson poem
"I could not drink it sweet"
The Diva's challenge #181 asks us to use water as our inspiration. I chose to focus on the letter W as my string and then try and emulate the movement of water, ripples, spirals, transparencies, I added lot's of swirls in the fashion on Printemps, a Dansk variation, auras, and swirls, and the lovely colors of my Inktense watercolor pencils; blue green, purple, and a touch of burgundy.

For my background I tried resist technique using my white gel pen as a resist and layering my pencils and wash over the white pen once dry. The blogs I've read say to leave the gel pens overnight, not happening... I still like the effect. It's subtle and watery but I'm sure if I follow the longer drying time next time it will be more effective, but I'm not a patient tangler.

I added Emily Dickinsons "I could not drink it sweet", as a texture in my swirl, not well done but I love the effect of her swirling words.

Then as I was looking at all the lovely swirls and water I begin seeing Bijou's cousins appearing. Oh those little devils... little antennae peeking throughout, my oh my, that little Bijou's influence is everywhere!

Challenge #180 - "UMT" MacDee by Anneke Van Dam

Fracus, MacDee, Pressed Wood, Float Fest, Tipple, Beadz, Mooka,
Betweed, Printemps, Shattuck, lot's of Auras, embellishing, and shading.
Used white chalk pencil, and white gel pens for highlights and
brown and black Sakura micron pens on a great tan card stock.
This weeks Diva challenge #180, is a UMT (Use My Tangle) challenge and features MacDee by Anneke Van Dam. It's a straight forward tangle that makes great textures and backgrounds. I can't see this as a "featured" tangle but it is very versatile and can be applied in many different applications and creates a good backdrop.

I played with MacDee and created 4 separate Quadrants using one string that encompassed all four sections. It's a Bijou sort of solution but all four 2" x 2" quadrants are kept together. The main tile area is aprox 4x4". I don't like using a straight edge so I free formed the division, drew a string on top and started tangling. This is a very busy little ZIA but it was fun to play off each section. I think it needed the open area in the center to give it some breathing space. I don't know if it's totally successful, but as always, I enjoyed the process.

I used tan paper with white gel pen and white charcoal pencil accents. The brown micron really works beautifully on this paper and seemed to go with the plaid background. Each section contains a hint of MacDee or at least elements of MacDee, morphed and varied, of course. I initially created this tile with Fracus on the bottom left corner, but after I scanned it upside down, I realized it worked better rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Isn't that always the way works when I surrender to the Zentangle process. No preconceived ideas or outcomes, I let the tangles talk to me. After all, I am a Zentangle Zealot! (term coined at our 2011 CZT Training #6)

Frame featuring Betweed, Paradox, Mooka, Printemps, Hollibaugh,
Tipple, MacDee, and some Fracas just for fun!

This frame inspired by Maria Thomas' work features the group of fabulous women who took my class last week. We concentrated on Paradox (fans and twists), Betweed, Mooka, threw in a little Printemps, and Hollibaugh. I tangled the heck out a frame to showcase all the tangles we were practicing.
It was a crazy night (we had to move our class location), but they were all troopers. We found the "Zen" within the chaos. Thanks ladies, it was a fabulous class and now they are officially Zentangle Zealots!

My Zentangle Zealots class logo
Even though it was
a hectic evening I had a wonderful time visiting with old friends and meeting new. Great group. I want to thank the Saline Library for their help.

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Challenge #179 - Be like Bijou

Care for a slice?
Mooka, Printemps, Flux, Starburst tangleattion,
Dex variation with lot's of shading, rounding, and auras
The Diva's Challenge for week #179 asks us to be like Bijou. Bijou is a fascinating tiny little  artist that joined the Zentangle family straight from France. He works with smaller 2" tiles so now Zentangle offers these wonderful little two inch tile beauties. His work is amazing and thoughtful, he embodies the one stroke at a time meditative process of Zentangle. Rick and Maria talk about him and their new partnership on their porch in the current Zentangle newsletter. Laura also interviewed him and features on this week's challenge, check it out.

I love the smaller format and decided to veer off a bit but keep within the "letter" of this weeks challenge. I just received some 4" round beer coasters that I ordered to test with my micron pens for tangling. They aren't as nice as the Beautiful Zendala tiles I order from Zentangle, but they are fun to play with. My microns bleed a bit because they are so porous and the paper is pretty "toothy", but one stroke at a time, relaxing, and breathing made the process work.
Severed pieces - violent no?
Anywho... that is what spurned the direction for my Zentangle inspired pieces for last two weeks of challenges. I divided the circle in fours (free form) so measurements are not exact, but I think it worked for this challenge. I took each section and made it a separate little work area, tiles within a tile? Divided my circle and went to town.  The outside is 2" so I thought I was playing fairly, right? It's a great way to focus on one tangle at a time. What fun. I may use this size format when I show examples of various tangles in my classes once I demonstrate them. Thanks Laura and Bijou! Check out Bijou-isms, a very talented snail!

When I was a kid I had a pet slug (it's just a snail without a shell). My mother thought it was a little weird but I really enjoyed carrying him around on my blue plastic school loose leaf. I found him fascinating and loved the shiny little trail he left on my book (it was a short lived relationship). He returned to the grass in the yard after a day of bonding. I don't believe he was from any exotic country. Mine was a boy, no name, just "slimy".  Here's a picture of me and my cousin Warren with a frog, I was quite the nature gal. Slimy came a little later... 

Challenge #178 - Duotangle by the Letter!
Was a little scattered last week so I didn't get these posted. So here are my catch-ups! Again, keeping to the basic essence of the challenge. Since my Zentangle "chop" /signature is DOB, I used that as my string and went from there. Used the 4" coasters for this one also. A round for everyone!!!!

4" Circle Intials - DOB as a string
First (left) Pole, Tipple, Dex tangleation,
Second (right) Dex tangleation, and OLF tangleations, with some shading, Tipple, and Auras

Challenge #176 and 177 - BYOB by Amy Broady, CZT and Truffle by Caroline Broady, CZT

Coffee, Cherry juice, Truffle, Trivoli, and some Mooka fronds
I combined two Diva challenges in one this week. Since Laura has been away traveling guest hosts have taken on these two challenge weeks, what fun! The two guest hosts are mother and daughter what a perfect time to combine two challenges. Week 176 is hosted by (mom) Amy Broady , CZT from Tennesee. Amy asks us to (BYOB) Bring Our Own Beverages. I chose coffee (with soy milk) my morning life's blood, and some cherry juice from the beautiful cherries a friend brought me from Traverse City. Cherries stain my fingers so why not my tile, spread that lovely burgundy color around.

For challenge 177 guest host (daughter) Caroline Brody, CZT 11 features her tangle pattern truffle which she developed at her CZT training seminar in June 2013, it was inspired by some wallpaper at the Hotel Providence. It's so fun to see the original wallpaper inspiration for this tangle seeing others process is such a gift. This is a lovely little tangle just ripe for tangleations.

I "applied" by coffee stain using an old paint brush and then took the still wet cherry pit and used it to apply cherry juice. That created my basic background and string guide. Once I allowed my tile to dry I picked up my trusty micron and tangled away. I then used more coffee and cherry juice to enhance my tangles, added some white gel pen, and shading. Very fun, I will definitely will try this again and apply more black contrast to my next attempt. I'm happy with this organic decorative solution but I'll go further next time.

Challenge #175 - UMT - Crux by Henrike Bratz

Crux with Tipple and Lot's of Shading
This week's Diva Challenge #174 is a Use My Tangle (UMT) week. Henrike Bratz pattern Crux was chosen by random selection. It's been a while since I've jumped in and played, so this was such fun. Crux is great because it can be taken as a very structured geometric tangle or, as I chose to go, organic and curvy. I kept is simple (monotangle) and really enjoyed the experience. Very fun.

It is also wonderful to read about Laura's experience at CZT 15 training in Providence, RI. It brings me back to my wonderful, life changing CZT 6 training at Oakhurst in Whitinsville. Met so many great people and the experience Filled my creative cup. If you have the opportunity to attend, DO, it's the BEST creative experience you can have. Wonderful people, creative juices flowing, an all-around positive experience. I love being a CZT.

212 Basics Class Tiles
I had a Basics Class this week at the 212 Arts Center in Saline. There were seven in attendance and we had a blast.We even played with Sakura Metallic Gel pens and black paper.  Hopefully all of them are part of the tribe we call the "Zentangle Zealots".  Here are their first tiles. What fun, Great job guys!

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Bunzo Exploration

Bunzo with variations on tan, a few tendrils,
some Auras, and some Printemps embellishments
One of tangles I've been asked to work on in my Beyond Basics Class is Bunzo. It's not a tangle I often use, so it was fun to explore some of the many possibilities of this undulating little beauty.

Working on Tan paper added another fun dimension to the entire process, the tan adds an additional color to my tangling repertoire. A little white gel pen and it's complete.

Challenge #168 - Tangelation Nation - Rain and Others

Rain tangelations, with Hollibaugh, shading, White Gel Pen,
Beadz, and lot's of Auras!
This weeks Diva's challenge is #168! I can't believe I've been out of the challenge loop for so long. I've been working on stuff just not posting or participating. It feels good to be back in the fold again.
This week is Laura's birthday and she chose Tangleation Nation to celebrate her birthday week with  "RAIN" and all the fun tangleations we can come up with. What a lovely way to celebrate and a Happy B-Day to the Diva.

Rain is a very simple tangle that lends itself beautifully to oh so many tangleations.

I chose to play up the curves and Aura the heck out of Rain. It turned out taking on a pointy little Crescent Moon flair in the main focus area. Straight lines are not my thing, but these little triangles allow themselves to bend and morph into lovely organic shapes. It feels like it's spinning into the atmosphere.

I used some wonderful tan paper I found at our recycle place in the area called the Scrap Box. Companies and individual donate all kinds of kool stuff. You can buy paper by the inch and it's quite a deal. Whenever I visit the Scrap Box I have my trusty Microns in hand to test the quality of the papers available. This paper has the rich look of the Zentangle Renaissance Tiles and I love the subtle way my white Gel Pen adds luster and pop. I want to get some sepia pens and start playing with that on tan papers and Renaissance tiles. This just adds one more dimension to the black and white.