Working on a larger scale...

Day 1
A friend's grandson, Brennan, is moving into his new room and I'm doing a wall mural for him. Lot's of fun and I was given carte blanche to do what I wanted!

Brennan likes monkeys, and owls, and TRUCKS, going to add a few more vehicles: tractor, dump trucks, etc. to put a smile on that sweet little face. His mom loves warm weather and the sun (something in short supply during our long winter months), so the sun is for mommy.

I'll post pictures as it progresses.

Day 2
 Day 2 - It's getting closer...
Adding finishing touches and covering myself in paint too. The inset shows the little tractor forming above the window. Putting in details. Suns, monkeys, owls, giraffes, and tractors, oh my!


  1. How cool is this - what a special treat this will be - yes, keep us posted as it progresses.

  2. What a lucky little guy!

    Cheryl (Grandma Coco)

  3. Wow! It looks great! I bet he will love it!!


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