Challenge #66 - Laura's Auras

Version 1 - Crescent Moon, Shattuck, Tipple,
Paradox, Flux, and Auras
Version 2 - Zenplosion Folds, Flux, Tipple/ Aura tangleation
Laura's Diva challenge this week asks us to use auras, what fun!

I did a Zentangle Basics class this past week and we revisited Crescent Moon. I found that the perfect aura tangle then added some Flux, Paradox, Shattuck, Tipple, and of course, lots of auras.

The second version I used my tangle Zenplosion Folds, a little Flux, and Auraed out some Tipple tangleations. I enjoyed the process.

Auras are a great way to get into the flow and rhythm of each tangle gently encircling and accenting each line and curve.

I'm so glad Artoo is on the mend and Laura was able to challenge us again this week.


  1. Oh wow! Love the Zenplosion Folds in the second one. Nice!

  2. I like how the first one makes your eyes travel over it - quite a delightful journey.

  3. Great tiles Daniele! You always choose such wonderful patterns!

  4. Very nice zentangles. The folds are awesome.

  5. Daniele, these are both stunning! 'Specially the zenplosion folds!

  6. These are great, the zenplosion really captures the eye.


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