Divas Challenge #105 - UMT v. XIII: Dansk and Laura's Giveaway

Diva's challenge this week #105 is UMT Monday using Margaret Bremner's tangle Dansk. I used Dansk, Drupe, Hollibaugh, Printemp, Betweed, Tipple, BTL Joos steps, and stuff. It began with a Sunday art afternoon with my friend Jeanne. She had some acrylic pearlized ink that I tested as a background texture (string), letting that guide me as a starting point. As you can tell I chose not to follow the string completely, I then let the textures flow and talk to me - Don't your textures talk to you? - I digress, anyway, It was a fun exercise. A path flagged by BTL Jooz, add some steps, and the little environment is complete!

Clipboard back,
Mooka, Tipple, Aura Knot, Cadent, Printemps,
Paradox, Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh,
Changling, Dansk, and Betweed
Clipboard front
 A few Mooka and a pretty
little frame to center the particular
Zentangle tile I'm working on
I was also working on some small clipboards. Great for tangling on the go, I use them for portability and ease of travel with my tangling supplies. This small size ( (6' x 9") will easily fit in my bag/purse. These plain, smaller clipboards made of chipboard accept the micron pens well. With the darker background I found I needed to add lot's of touches of white with my trusty gel pen to make my tangles pop. I really love the results. I am going to finish them (this is my first) with a clear matt acrylic spray. That way they can be carted all over and still hold up. What do you think? Fun, huh?

TAD 2013 Calendar Give Away

Laura Harm is also having a Giveaway for one of Carol Ohl's 2013 Tangle-A-Day calendar, what fun! These calendars are great with lots of Carol's Zentangle Art to inspiring our tangling. She uses a wonderful high quality paper that works beautifully with our micron pens.  You just need to "like" Laura's Facebook page to enter. Check it out!


  1. And flow they did! Your tile is beautiful and I love your stepping stones leading us into your design. Your tangled clip boards are a great idea, functional and interesting.

  2. I'm impressed by your tile, love to look at it. The clipboard is great and also a great idea. I'll try to find a small one myself here in the Netherlands.

  3. Your tangle is gorgeous! And I love the clipboards - nice!

  4. Nice job. I like the splash of yellow. The shading is great and I like how the betweed folds over the piece.

  5. I would love to use that fabulous clipboard!

  6. Your tile is fabulous, and I love your clipboards.

  7. The clip boards are a great idea and look awesome!

  8. It's like a cornucopia of tangles. Very nice. The clip boards are wonderful!


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