Challenge #134 - "Use My Tangle" is Beamz by Traci F

Version one - lot's of curves, Crescent Moon,
Printemps, Mooka tendrils, orbs, and stuff

Version two - Beamz and Mooka,
with a little Float Fest and Tipple floating through

This weeks Diva Challenge #134 is a UMT challenge featuring Traci F's tangle Beamz. This tangle seemed a little out of my comfort zone with it's straight lines, but once I really got into it, it lent itself beautifully to the organic, curvy lines that I gravitate towards. By ignoring the straight lines and getting into the string creation it was actually fun to play with!

I took this tangle and then ran with the curves, and window effects I saw emerging. Windows are such a great device, we see into them and through them. The premise of creating many windows/squares with one line is really drew me in. It's like eating potato chips... you can't draw just one. I paired this tangle with a weak attempt of the new Zentangle tangle Well in the first tile, added some Crescent Moon, Tipple, Auras, shading and curves and I like the completed tile.

In my second version I paired Beamz with Mooka. I love how the Mooka tendrils curve and undulate through Beamz, lot's of line work and shading and the final ZIA was a blast to create!

Check out the other postings for this challenge. It's so much fun to see how differently everyone interprets this tangle, lot's of possibilities.


  1. These are wonderful! Love how you give such a geometric tangle an organic look!

  2. Love how elegant you made these ZT's
    The straight lines of Beamz became soft in combination with the other tangles, and the combination with Mooka is very special!

  3. Beautiful tiles! Especially I like the second one. Great combination of Beamz and Mooka!

  4. Wow great versions of Beamz. I love the second one. You made it look like a cartoon. Great combination with Mooka.

  5. Love the way you combined the curves with beamz! Both tiles are great!

  6. I love the curviness of your Beamz! What a wonderful interpretation. I especially love the second one!!

  7. Both are beautiful, but the one with Beamz and Mooke is special!

  8. I definitely like how you find organic strokes in very geometrical tangles! LOVELY BEAMZ!! Thanks for sharing <3

  9. They look great - I love how you've combined beamz with other patterns - something I would definitely struggle with! I really havce to play with well - it looks wonderful :)


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