Weekly Challenge #139 and 140 - UMT 8's and Pointillism with a Tangle Viewer

Pointellism with Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh.
Zinger, Flux, and some leaves
Challenge #140 - Pointellism:  I often use dots and lines for shading on my tiles so I thought this Challenge would be no big deal. Making the entire tile with dots really makes me think in a whole new way, the way to get from point A to point B is... many dots. I used a variety of size pens which helps give a little depth and graduation in greys, What a lot of dots to create this tile and boy were my hands screaming.

It's always fun to look at techniques and challenge ourselves as creative individuals. I used Crescent Moon, that reached out into Hollibaugh, added some Flux, Zingers and Leaves. I found that doubling up on my dotted lines gave the feel of shadows. This was a great exercise, thanks for a another fun challenge Diva.

Tangle Viewers:
I created some Tangle Viewers using the paint chip samplers I got at Lowes. They have an interesting finish and smooth coating that takes the micron pen strokes beautifully, because of the coating the pen strokes will smear if not affixed with  workable spray fixative. Once sprayed, its stable and no movement or smearing of micron lines!

The "Tangle Viewer" is a great way to focus in on details in my tile. The little window is a very effective tool to zero in on small details and areas in a tile. The Zentangle process talks about looking at the big picture and viewing your tile from all directions, no ups or downs but being able to isolate sections to study details is a good thing. I'm going to use these in my classes to give students a closer look at section details.

Tangle Viewers, one black and white,
one color with little leaves berries and little"windows"
I'm also including my Challenge #139 tiles from last weeks' UMT challenge of 8s Parte Dos" by Jane Eileen. I completed these last week but never got around to posting them.

This was not a tangle I would have attempted without this challenge to spurn me on. This tangle was hard to get into, finding the rhythm and flow of this tangle was difficult for me. There was more thought and concentration than I look for in a tangle. But once I tried it a few times it did grow on me.

The way I found the rythm and flow was by looking for the shapes rather than trying to figure out the diagonal line portion. It's much easier for me to see shapes.

My first version went a little wonky but I combined it with some fun tangles and it seemed to flow well. Allium, Betweed, and Mooka added and the final was pleasing.

I felt more comfortable with 8s on my second version, there was the ease and flow I look for when working the Zentangle process. Once I got through my initial frustation I was able to really look at the tangle and find it's flow.

Version on - 8's gone a little wonky, added Betweed,
Mooka, Allium, and Shattuck

Version two - 8's in the rythm, added some Knightsbridge,
Mooka, Tipple, Fescue and black!


  1. Super! You have such fun designs Daniele.

  2. Your tangles are a visual feast!

  3. Such for to see your work! Love the little viewers too!

  4. Beautiful work, Daniele. All the tiles are wonderful.

  5. Nice, Dani! I love your pointillism tile and the AWESOME tangle viewer!! I'm going to make one of those, for sure! Fun, fun, fun.

  6. You did very well with all the dots.
    The other two are very beautiful; I like your choise of tangles.

  7. All are wonderful! Very nicely done!


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