Bunzo Exploration

Bunzo with variations on tan, a few tendrils,
some Auras, and some Printemps embellishments
One of tangles I've been asked to work on in my Beyond Basics Class is Bunzo. It's not a tangle I often use, so it was fun to explore some of the many possibilities of this undulating little beauty.

Working on Tan paper added another fun dimension to the entire process, the tan adds an additional color to my tangling repertoire. A little white gel pen and it's complete.


  1. I love this! I really like Bunzo because it always seems to take on a life of it's own without any planning, it just goes in the direction it wants! Love the white gel pen highlights and printemps spirals you added!

  2. Bunzo is a favorite of mine. This is a lovely example!


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