Simplicity - Challenge Week #1

I was checking out the zentangle© blog this month and decided to participate in Laura Harms weekly challenge. Challenge for week #1 was to base a tangle on the word "Simplicity". Simplicity for me generates gentle, meandering, organic, flowing... "ease: freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort". A sense of calm and serenity.

This Christmas season has been hectic and generated many sleepless nights while I was finishing projects and getting artwork finished for a craft show. I enjoy delving into my creative side but it can be an all encompassing process. My home becomes one big craft room and I feel like I'm a visitor (worker) in my own home.

Simplicity is a good reminder - taking it one step at a time and being gentle with myself is a good thing. Taking time to touch base with others and look at what is nurturing in my life. Friends, family, laughter, being with those I love, that's what makes my life fuller. Chaos is what drives me at times, but friends and family are what make me feel whole, calm, and fulfilled.

The coming new year is the perfect time to look at the important things that make life worth living. Being grateful.


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