Two Pencil String - Challenge Week #2

Happy 2011! I can't believe the new year has arrived one, Christmas has come and gone. I had an exciting new year's celebration which consisted of the cat and me snuggled up on the couch snoozing in front of the TV. Whoo-hoo! I awoke at 12:03 am when the ball was dropping in Time Square and noisemakers were blarring from the TV.

Here is week #2 of  Laura Harms weekly challenge, to create a tangle using a two pencil string. This first image is the black and white version. The double string does form a definite path through the tangle. Fun exercise.

Here is the tangle with year and shadowing added. 1/1/2011 - and so the year begins...


  1. I like the combination of tangles you used in this - very, very nice!

  2. This is great seeing the before and after shading...thanks! Great tangles too :)


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