Part of a Dyptic

This is larger piece also, aproximately 5"x7". Some Knightsbridge, Diamond Pane, Mooka, Floatfest, Zenplosion Folds, and some orbs. This is going to be part of an ensemble, actually a dyptic.

CZT training is less than two weeks away, so I'm starting the big countdown! Can hardly wait to meet all you other tanglers and, of course, Rick and Maria. I'm so pleased that we will be able to experience the Oakhurst and not miss that priviledge. It should be a special event.


  1. Danni, I am so loving those fabulous Zenplosion folds!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, get the picture! No, wait - you DREW the picture! *G*

  3. Thanks Shelly and Christina, we love our folds, and by "we" I mean Christina and me, not the royal weeee!


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