A Good Time Was Had by All!

I had a class at 212 Art Center in Saline last night, and it was great. There were only 3 people, which made for a lovely intimate group. We were able to combine a Basics and a Beyond Basics class that suited everyone. Two of the women were new to the process and the other is a Zentangle veteran. They all did a fabulous job and the time flew by.

The 212 is a wonderful site for classes, nestled in downtown Saline in a lovely old Craftsmen Bungalow with all the character and details that give it such a great feel . It lends itself beautifully to the "Zen" feeling we're all looking for in the Zentangle process; calmness, and serenity, just Breathe, Relax, Smile and, of course, Tangle!

This image shows the fruits of their labor... three beautiful little jewels created from the same basic tangles and all 3 having such different looks and feels. I always find it amazing. Great job ladies!

I brought some wonderful quilted Zentangle kits that Sandy, friend of mine from up north, had created. She is a wonderful fabric artist and quilter and the ladies purchased 3 of her pieces. I don't sew, but I do appreciate the work and the detail. She takes an idea and fabricates the perfect solution. What she creates is phenominal.

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  1. Nice, Danni! It looks like it was a wonderful class. How about a pic of. The quilted kits? Sounds intriguing.


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