Weekly Challenge #30: "String Theory V.V :Initialize"

My Intial ZIA
My Initial String
This week's Diva challenge is hosted Christina Vanderlist and she asks us to bring a little of ourself into the artwork! We are asked to use our Initials as the string, oh, what fun! It's always fun to do something that's all about ME! Just kidding.

This does make it look like a big old party is happening. I used some of my favorites... Printemps, Knightsbridge, Crescent Moon, Lupine, Tripoli, Mooka, and of course some little bead pods! Curves gallore, that's me.  It seemed a little redundant to put my signature on my initials....

I'm going to do a few more. I have some friends wirh birthdays coming up, so I need to play with their initials. This is the perfect opportunity to work on my lettering. Letterforms are the perfect accompaniment for tangles... I do want to work on my tangled alphabet so I have my little stockpile of jewels to pick from for any occasion.


Thanks for stopping by, I'd love to get your feedback.