Birthday Tangle for Mr. Watson

A couple of dear friends were in town and I got to steal some time with them. They are now living in Washington state and came back to pack up some of their belongings to move to their new home. It was lovely to get some time with them, a little champagne, cheese, and crackers filled with laughter and sharing and hugging. I was so glad to see their sweet faces.

Janet's birthday was in July and I did a Zentangle for her, and John's birthday was in August so I created a birthday tangle for him. I thought I had emailed it but and I kept meaning to mail him (snailmail) his birthday tangle. This was the perfect opportunity to pass along a little birthday card with their little tangles.

They are people who appreciate funny little hand-made things and this one has a little manly hardware and some peace signs for the peace child that is John. Janet's was much more girly. Both were wonderful ways to feel connected to them. 


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