Challenge #48 - Sue Clark - String Theory v. VII: "Tri-Shapes"

Version One - Using familiar tangles
Knightbridge, Floatfest, Crescent Moon, Tipple, Munchin,
Paradox, and Lampions (seed pods), Beadlines
Version 2 - New tangles
Unyum, Spinners, Arches, and Antidots, and a little Paradox point 
Sue Clark, CZT from Colorado is the guest host for this week's Diva Challenge for Week #48. Sue asks us to create a string using three basic shapes (circle, square, and triangle). Fun brain teaser as always. These three shapes don't seem to lend themselves to the same string but it was a fun challenge. Thanks Sue!

In version one, I didn't follow the rules. I used some of my favorites: Crescent Moon, Knightsbridge, Paradox, Tipple, Floatfest (one of my faves), Beadlines, and Lampions/Seed Pods (that's what I call them). Some of my Floatfest has a little striping to mimic a BTL Joos. A busy little organic ZIA but I like the result.

In version 2 I followed Sue's suggestion and used unfamiliar tangles with one faves: Unyum, Spinners, Arches, Antidots, and a little Paradox point (had to throw one fave in). I think the results work!

As I look out and see snowflakes and think of winter, I hope this is my sun catcher for the inevitable upcoming short, grey, winter days! Grasp those little sun rays oh ZIA!

Influencing the weather has always been a dream of mine. As children we lived off the boardwalk in Long Beach, Long Island, NY. We were living in a small apartment house with my father and a hurricane was slapping the Long Island shore.

We were given strict instructions by my father when he left for work that morning to stay off the beach. But his 3 darling daughters had other ideas. It was so exciting to stand on the beach and watch the waves crashing to the shore, how could we resist?

We thought our dad would never know. So we snuck down to the beach and held hands while chanting and swinging our arms up to the heavens... "Oh King Neptune, King of the Sea..." a little ritual we thought would get rid of the big ol' storm. In the midst of our chant several waves crashed on shore soaking the 3 of us to the bone.

We were safe (no thanks to our little stunt) but sopping wet. There was no way we could sneak back before my father got home from work and clean up quickly enough to hide the drowned rat look we receive from King Neptune on our little excursion.

Needless to say, my father, was not a happy camper when he arrived home to find we had totally disregarded his warning. We didn't get out to the beach for quite a while after that, and worst of all, all our efforts hadn't stopped the hurricane!


  1. I really love the first one! It has such great movement :)

  2. I absolutely love the first one - I love the organic edges, the way munchin blends into paradox, etc. The way you've used unyon in the second one is new to me - I tried it in my tile too but made a mistake and it really is something else I think. It was my first try at it and it was a little more difficult than I expected.

  3. Love them both, but I really like floatfest in the first one. I'm having trouble with that one - it always looks a mess in mine - but I love the way you've twisted them, and added in the stripes on some.

  4. Both of them are beautiful! I really like the bold look of the 2nd one. Glad you had fun with the challenge. I love the story....the things we did as kids that we don't realize how dangerous they were until we look back on them with our adult eyes.

  5. Danni, these are amazing, I love how distinct they are from each other and of course, I love your story. You are a great storyteller!


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