Challenge #50 - Biggify

Fun challenge I usually work larger anyway so it was fun to up the ante a bit! Version 1: Tried a little Cootie, a new fun one from Sandi's Yoga for the brain book, Crescent Moon, Printemp, Float Fest and some Pearls and texture. Very fun.

Got hooked and tried a second version using Tripoli, Pressed Wood, Hollibaugh with some Tipple, Pearls, and some Florz variations. Did the original size and then really bigified it.

This challenge is just like popcorn; you can't do just one. I took artisic license with that quote since I'm much more fond of popcorn!

Version 2 Progression:
First with shading and the second au naturel


  1. Nice tangles!

    Just wanted to let you know that your link from the Diva's challenge isn't working.

  2. Absolutely love this challenge and your tangles are FAB.

  3. very nice! I like the way you went from one tangle to another.

  4. These are excellent! I especially like your biggify where you show the original smaller piece. This was such a great challenge!


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