Challenge #52 - Give it Away - Birthday Tangling

Khrynn's Birthday Tangle
 This is a belated Zentangle for my highschool friend Khrynn. We've known each other for all of our adult lives and this is to celebrate her big day. A little belated but that's the way we roll. We are so similiar that it's a little scary but comforting.

Here's to you Khrynn. This is from one fabulous broad to anotha'. Broad was one of my mom's favorite descriptors, meant only in the nicest way, of course! She was such a word smith.

I hadn't realized I had posted this and I want to thank my lovely sista, Nancy, a jewelry artist, for reading my blog and keeping me on my toes.

I was visiting my other sister Tracy and working on her new blog, check it out. She's a talended painter. We're just an artsy fartsy family!

Tracy's Birthday Tangle

I'm also including the ZIA I did for Tracy's birthday which I got to attend and help her celebrate. It was taken with an Iphone so it's a little blurry.

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  1. Yes, yes? Don't keep us in suspense! This is from one fabu .... what?

    At any rate, it's lovely. I hope you and TLKF are having fun.


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