Challenge #62 - Spiral Vs Paradox

Version 2
 This weeks Diva challenge #62 was presented by Marizaan van Beekm, CZT, from South Africa. The challenge is to use Spiral together with Paradox. I'm not sure I followed the parameters exactly on this challenge but I consider it thinking out of the box?

I really enjoy playing with Paradox and Spirals and Orbs of any sort, well that just goes without saying. I was not always a fan of this tangle I found no "Zen" in the tangling process when I tried to create this tangle. I would hold my breath and force my way through it, but practice, the weekly challenge, and being able to see Rick create this tangle at our CZT training #6 made it one of my faves!

My second tile remains more true to the challenge and I really enjoy the contrast and flow. I accented the edges with a thicker line width to make it pop, I don't thinks it's cheating, it's just artistic license, right?

My first version was an exercise in following the "Fans". I find that following the fans or the funnels is the key to making Paradox work for me. It takes me out of the holding my breath and thinking so hard about Paradox and just following the flow of this wonderful tangle! I enjoy the controlled uncontrol of this tangle, to create Paradox I need to concentrate and follow the process, if I lose the line, Paradox can go way out of whack. I don't need to know the exact outcome but it's nice to be able to feel more of control when creating this tangle.

I found Margaret Bremmer's study on Paradox so helpful and often use Paradox as a the basis to study in my Beyond Basics Class I. It's so much fun to watch the patterns emerge as this tangle develops on a tile.

Version 1


  1. Your first version reminds me of an ariel view of a dense forest :)
    Love your second version. There's lot of flow and movment in the tile and the thicker line width keeps the flow moving

  2. They are so rich with texture and beautiful lines!

  3. I can totally relate to your comments about paradox. I am so glad this challenge gave us another chance to practice. I especially like your version 2!

  4. Both of these are quite inspiring! I especially like the threads of spirals in the top tile. Great details - you really use contrast well!

  5. It's always a delight to watch your work! I love the second very much!

  6. Two wonderful tile, and my fav. is the first one. I 'specially love the fans you've make look like a flower!

  7. Great tiles and the second one is just amazing - you make paradox dance and that 'start' effect in the center is amazing and obviously planned. I'm not totally able to plan how it's going to turn out just yet.... more practice!


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