Save the Ta-ta's!

Challenge #64 from the Diva asks us to divide our tile up into 8 sections as a string. I decided to do an addtional tile using these parameters. I've been thinking about doing a walk for Breast Cancer Awareness this fall so this was the perfect opportunity to incorporate some of the symbolism. The bumper stickers for this event "Save the Ta-ta's" are great, and say it all. Check out their website and buy products to support the fight against breast cancer.
Some Mooka, Sandy B's Flowers, Spinners, Hollibaugh, Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbons, Venice, the Women's Gender Symbol, Black Pearls, and Plumage all work together to deliver an important message.
Added a touch of pink, of course!

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  1. Great tile in support of a great cause - love the bumper sticker too!


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