Challenge #78 - New Official Tangle: Auraknot

This week's Diva challenge asks us to try Auraknot, the new Zentangle tangle from Rick and Maria. I've practiced this one a lot and really enjoy the flow. Rick and Maria sent out and announcement newsletter to start off this tangle. They put out  a call for deconstruction and names we thought would be appropriate for this new tangle.

Now that I've done it a million times (see previous post), I love it! It has the feel and requires the concentration and practice of Paradox. In this version, I added the Sakura clear sparkle gel pen between the
auras" to add a little "bling". Doesn't come off very effectively when scanned, but it's fun to hold this tile in my hand and see the sparkle.

We were playing with the Sakura metallic and clear sparkle gel pens this weekend in my Zentangle basics class up north. I was very impressed with what the participants created with these gel pens so I Incorporated it into my tile. I do want to work on a black tile with this same process.

I played with overlapping the lines to create a stained glass effect. Not perfect, but it has possibilities.

My second version for this challenge morphed into a Zendala, sort of. A little wonky and wobbly but I still like it. I've purchased some of the Zendala tins for my classes and haven't done many myself. I may have to dive into Erin Olson's (Bright Owl) Zendala Dare and start playing! I love my tiles but it's time to branch/circle out!

Auraknot Zendala Sort of


  1. Your Zendala is gorgeous! It is so stunning that one does not notice the 'wonkieness'. :-)

  2. I love these both, especially the zendala--wow!! Beautiful!

  3. Very nice, both of them! I love the dimension in the first one!


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