Challenge #83 - DuoTangle Assunta and Mooka

I really enjoyed this week's Diva Challenge, #83 a Duotangle using the tangles Assunta and Mooka. Mooka is one of my all time favorite tangles. When Rick and Maria first presented Mooka it was the Diva's weekly challenge. That's all I drew for 2 weeks. And I did a lot of tangling, I was obsessed! Assunta, eh, not so much. Combining the two; not so much...

Well, I took a deep breath and decided had to go forward with the dang challenge! After all I am a Zentangle Zealot and I must go forth and tangle my brains out. Lot's of tries and fails and then...

I decided to concentrate on Mooka, my lovely Mooka, and combine it with one of my favorite forms, the leaf. I kept true to the tenants of Mooka: one continuous line, always going inward when drawing the "feet/leaves" of Mooka. I tried to relax, smile, and breathe! The Mooka's echo the Assunta form.

This upcoming CZT training gives me the perfect opportunity to try and relive the wonders of the Zentangle process that I experience in May of 2011 when I became a CZT in class #6.

I love what came out of this challenge, the leaves have the feel of a bleeding heart with that lovely little bulb on the end. Assunta was also fun and flowed more easily than I expected. I kept Assunta grey (pencil) in the background as a wall paper to present my Mooka Leaves.

This is a full 8.5 X 11 ZIA because I wanted room to breathe and explore! My scan is complete with kitty hair (thanks Miranda!)

I also found out the children's book I've been illustrating for the last 2 years has been printed.  It's a wonderful collection of Fairy Stories written by Diane Light. The name of the book is "Into Fairyland, A Treasure Chest of Fairy Stories." The writing is wonderful and I'm very pleased with my illustrations. This was two years in the making and I love the results! It's a full-color paper back book!

Getting exposed to the Zentangle process really sparked my creativity and enhanced my illustration process. The book is colorful, and full of lot's of wonderful Fairies, Magic, and Love. You'll see the Zentangle process throughout the 64 pages. I'm very proud of this book. Any young girl who fancies these wonderful little creatures will love this magical book.

Check out Starry Whispers Books for more information. Just click on the "Into Fairyland" tab.  I would love to share this wonderful book with my fellow Zentangle enthusiasts and any of your little fairy enthusiasts. We also have FREE Special Things to do: coloring pages, word search puzzles and an EXCITING CONTEST. You could win a free book and an Amazon Gift Card! .
I'm also including a study for Mooka Leaves, starting with a simple outline and then embellishing with Assunta in the background. These challenges are great at making us go beyond our comfort zones. I love coming out the other side feeling like I've stretched my creative muscles. Thanks to Laura, Rick and Maria, of course, and the Zentangle process for giving me this opportunity!

Here's a study with simple outline and then embellishing,
rounding, and adding Assunta


  1. I love the process...and the end result is absolute perfection!

  2. Wow! I love your subtle grey assunta background in your first tile, it's beautiful! And your mooka with leaf ends is sublime.

  3. I love the wall paper effect of Assunta in the background. It makes your mooka leaves really pop.

  4. I love your mooka leaves I am off to have a play,thanks Danni!

  5. Congratulations on the publication! I can't imagine what that must feel like. And your tile is beautiful! Your subtle variations of assunta are a perfect background for the mooka.

  6. Love love love the mooka leaves!!! I'm definitely gonna have to play with that--so many new inspiring ways to try mooka! That's the best part of these challenges--seeing different ideas and learning new twists!

  7. Absolutely love the Mooka leaves! How wonderful for you to have illustrated a book. It looks beautiful...congratulations!!!

  8. Wow! What a gorgeous tile. The subtle grey assunta in the background is a good way to handle assunta. It's a lovely backdrop for the gorgeous swirly Mooka and leaves. Congratulations on the publication of the book you illustrated. How great to be a published artist. Am I to understand that you will be at the September CZT training? I hope so; because I will be there and I would love to meet you.

    1. No, I'm not going to be at the September CZT training I went last May (2011) and was part the #6 class. It was the BEST and I know you'll have a wonderful, creative time!

  9. love the leaves on mooka! beautiful :)

  10. A wonderful solution to combining Mooka and Assunta.
    Your book looks beautiful. Congratulations!

  11. Wow, you are sooo creative! Love your tangle!

  12. Wow. This is amazing. Really. Amazing.

  13. Congratulations on your book & thank you for making Mooka come alive for me - I'm beginning to even manage the circular ends now, isn't that funny - but it was seeing & working with your leaf tangleation that unlocked it.
    Paula (PEP)


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