Challenge #84 - String Theory, Blind String, AKA, Steam Punk Central

Original blind string
This week's Diva's Challenge for week #84 asks us to pick up our pencils and paper, close our eyes, and draw a blind string. This was a fun challenge and an opportunity to play with the steam punk stuff I've been working on this weekend.

Since Laura was on a well-deserved vacation last week, there was no challenge. I needed to fill the creative void so I jumped into Erin Olson, CZT and her Bright Owl blog Zendala Dare (lot's of fun). I've been meaning to concentrate on Zendala's more diligently for my classes but haven't had the time. So it's wonderful to add this to my weekly list. Now that my book has been published I can focus on more creative outlets!

I surfed the web for inspiration and I was taken with the Steam Punk stuff I've seen on Sandra Straight's site and begin noodling with it. Very fun, and it definitely was the focus of my challenge this week. I'm not sure if I'm doing the Steam Punk Zentangle style correctly, but it's fun trying.

My completed ZIA with Steam Punk inspired tangling

I incorporated Cruffle, Knightbridge with Cruffle, some screws, nuts, dangles inspired by all the wonderful art I've seen this week, Spiky Wire (my new tangle), and lot's of chains and beads (inspired by my sister Nancy who is a wire jewelry artist. One of my other sisters, Tracy, is also an artist,so it runs rampant in our family! Check out their site links!

I loved the process for this week's challenge; the result is a little busy, but it was a BLAST doing it. Because the style is so new to me I feel the need to fill my ZIA with lot's of good stuff. In the beginning... it's all good stuff (to me :)) Enthusiasm rears it's head, so I have to go with it!

I'm also incorporating the steam punk project  I worked on this weekend. Have I mentioned... I love Steam Punk, metal, nuts, bolts, beads. No one has ever accused me of not being enthusiastic (ad nauseam perhaps) but, I guess that's the function of a blog! Exposed your creativity and craziness to the world. So here goes....

My initial exploration
I played with a little steam punk Zentangle style this week. What fun, a few screws, Cogs, Wheels, Plugs, Clamps, and Mooka and now, I'm hooked!

I think this will be a continuing process to combine the beauty of the Zentangle tangles with the grunge and metal of steam punk. I've started a study that I'm going to keep and build as I discover new textures and  tools to add to my arsenal.

Below is the initial version that I developed this weekend:
my new tangle Spiky Wire, some metal Mooka, bent wire, gems, chains and stuff. It's new to me and I'm sooooo excited and fixated... Whoopee!

Steam Punk Study Version One: lot's of white space to fill:
Spiky Wire,  Metal Mooka, nuts, bolts, chains, cogs.
gems, twisted wire


  1. Love it! Was it as fun to draw as it looks?

    1. Thanks, yes, this is fun and new to me so I'm on the hunt for new textures, metal and kool stuff.

  2. Your challenge piece is amazing! But so are the other tiles. You have been busy and it looks like a lot of fun to me and you are creating some wonderful art.

  3. This are the most interestingly beautiful explorations of blind strings that I have seen so far. They have an amazing variety of patterns!

  4. Wow very cool! I'd like to try that sometime.

  5. I love the metal mooka, what a great idea,

  6. wonderful challenge piece! love the chain connecting to the bead(?) running through it. Your steam punk style pieces are fabulous - love the metal mooka, barbed wire and screws!

  7. These are awesome, you might just inspire me to try steam punk!

  8. Lots of fun here! Steampunk style is very creative.

  9. Love all your drawings from this week.
    And I learned something about Steam punk style.
    A great inspiration.
    Your work is beautiful and so neatly done!

  10. Wow wow wow!! I love the steampunk!! Your tiles are all excellent--so cool! Brilliant!

  11. They said it ALL.Wonderful tiles

  12. Cricky Daniele, I think you have been let loose in the machinery shop, I love your all your tools, bits and pieces.

  13. Very cool string, and I love the way you've incorporated steam punk, but still use some softer touches like where you've used mooka. Love the touch of color you added to your blind string composition

  14. Awesome! Love the dash of color.

  15. very, very cool. Love the plug and your use of color.

  16. I'd like that challenge one as a bracelet, please! ;)

  17. You have definitely been busy! Your enthusiasm for steam punk comes through like gangbusters! All three tiles are amazing1

  18. You are definitely a wonderful artist! I love all your tiles this week. The steam-punk is so cool! I can't even imagine how to make the chain links! I would think you should be designing charm bracelets!

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