Challenge #110 - Get rid of the box - Tin Can Art

Top version done with Staedtler
black permanent pens and
grey marker for shading.
Bottom version adding color and
wire for my Float Fest effect.
The Diva's Challenge this week asks us to think "Out of the Box" and work out of our comfort zone. When I was at CZT training #6 we got to visit Rick and Maria's beautiful old Victorian home in Whitinsville, MA. There was wonderful artwork everywhere. Maria took a crack in the plaster and turned that imperfection into a beautiful "jewel", a touch of her tangling, and it's magically transformed! Check out her blog feature Fabulous tangled solution to a problem in her studio, it's Amazing (of course!). So, the Diva challenge for week #110 asks us to jump, take the leap, and try something new on our tangling adventure!

I've been very interested in tangling on different surfaces, I'm especially interested in tangling on cloth and have created some lovely hangings I use in my classes. I've also have gotten into tangling on recycled tiles, which I love. So what now?

I was making some chicken soup this week and chose to use the top and bottoms of the can my diced tomatoes were contained in. The inside of the can is coated white, so it is the perfect surface for my tangling. I tried using the my micron pens, but the surface was too slick and the microns beaded up. So I reached for a Staedtler permanent marker pen; black for the first version and color added to the second. I used a light grey marker for the shading and the result was pleasing. The surface is a little slick and challenging to work with, but perseverance and patience won out over the can! I sanded the sharp edges and cut my finger in the process, oh the pains we suffer for our art!

Version one contains tangles based on grids (out of my comfort zone, I'm a free flowing tangler). Took a deep breath and jumped in with Bales, Cubine, Knightsbridge, and then added Betweed, Golven, and Shattuck. So I kept to the grid tangles for almost half!

My second version features my ornate letter "S" for Spring (hope, hope, hope). I added Daisies, Swirls, some Betweed, BTL Jooz, Perfs and Auras and color. I then punched holes around the edge using my trusty hammer and nails, wove in some wire to create my Float Fest strings and my ode to "S" (Spring) is complete. I punched hanging holes on each so they can be hung and displayed. The purple is a little much, but I wanted the lids to stand out.

A View of the Can's Lid from the Back Side,
Pretty huh?


  1. They look great. Good thinking 99! (As Max Smart would say!!)

  2. I'm amazed with all the great idea's people come up with and yours is centainly a great idea.
    The look beautiful.

  3. Beautiful and definitely got rid of the box on this one!

  4. This is a great idea! I enjoyed looking at this and the other challenges you have done. Truly lovely.


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