Challenge #112- Use My Tangle - Tuxedo by LeAnn

The Diva's challenge this week is a Use My Tangle first Monday of the month challenge using LeAnn (Ledenzer) tangle Tuxedo, check out her directions. It's a pretty structured tangle that is not in my comfort zone. So I was a little trepidatious especially  after viewing some of the wonderful solutions for this week. So, I took a deep breathe then jumped in and tried to go with the flow (as is my nature). I just concentrated on the lovely curves and overlaps this tangle creates. My version is wonky and only slightly resembles LeAnn's beautiful tangle, but I enjoyed the process and the exploration. I let it flow and tried to breathe and relax, "there are no mistakes in the Zentangle process" right?

So here it is, sort of, Tuxedo, Lampions, Beadz, Float fest and lots of leaves, Aura's, and Perfs, who knew Check out all the wonderful solutions to this week's challenge at the Diva's site.

Version 2 - Tuxedo with Inapod centers, Hollibaugh
with Flux, Paradox, Crescent Moon,
Spinning Squares, and some Beadz.


  1. I love wonky and believe me it is there in all that beauty! I love how it flows! I, as you know do not stay in structured ways we celebrate together!

    1. I know we're kindred spirits, thanks for your sweet comments!

  2. I like how you designed the Tuxedo. Reminds me of a piece of Victorian lace.

  3. Beautiful. I love how tuxedo flows into the other patterns.

  4. It's a beauty! Great tangleation.

  5. Like the way you were able to make this more of a flowing tangle. Will need more work before I will tackle that.

  6. Ooh, this must be telepathy, I was just about to write something here on your blog....!! I love to see how you went with the flow. The combinations of tangles in both pieces are great!

  7. Both are beautiful, but the first one is absolutely my favorite. It's so flowing, so soft, I love it.

  8. I agree with Anne - both a fab. But the first one - WOW!


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