W2 Monotangle Challenge Attempts - It's a journey

First attempt gone awry or wonky
I get so easily sidetracked!
I'm trying Roy Stauffer's monotangle challenge. The challenge is to monotangle (thanks Laura H.) using the tangle W2. I began this challenge working from memory (bad idea) which turned into Huggy Bear? I find W2 a little challenging because of the structure. Then onward and upward, just work with what I have on this first attempt. I get soooo distracted by shiny things, textures, ideas... I digress, but it's a fun journey. This one is Huggy Bearish, belts, grommets & Shoe strings.

I'll pick myself up and try again (deep sigh, cleansing breathe and gooooo).

Second version of the W2 Monotangle; still wonky, but I kept true to the "tenants" of this tangle. Over and under, used squares for the top area, turned my tile for a diagonal attempt using "circles" not squares. A little line work (my fave), some threads, connecting the sections, and the end result is pleasing or at least resembles W2 with a touch of Huggins. This helped me get into the flow of the tangle, I feel more comfortable with this structured pattern, straight lines, not so much. No mistakes, just resolutions and relaxing, smiling and breathing! I'm been so productive because I need to go out and finish my windows for spring cleaning!
Second version with some line work,
shading, and "threads" added

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  1. I think you did very well with this challenging tangle. The first tile is very playful, I like it a lot.


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