Challenge #179 - Be like Bijou

Care for a slice?
Mooka, Printemps, Flux, Starburst tangleattion,
Dex variation with lot's of shading, rounding, and auras
The Diva's Challenge for week #179 asks us to be like Bijou. Bijou is a fascinating tiny little  artist that joined the Zentangle family straight from France. He works with smaller 2" tiles so now Zentangle offers these wonderful little two inch tile beauties. His work is amazing and thoughtful, he embodies the one stroke at a time meditative process of Zentangle. Rick and Maria talk about him and their new partnership on their porch in the current Zentangle newsletter. Laura also interviewed him and features on this week's challenge, check it out.

I love the smaller format and decided to veer off a bit but keep within the "letter" of this weeks challenge. I just received some 4" round beer coasters that I ordered to test with my micron pens for tangling. They aren't as nice as the Beautiful Zendala tiles I order from Zentangle, but they are fun to play with. My microns bleed a bit because they are so porous and the paper is pretty "toothy", but one stroke at a time, relaxing, and breathing made the process work.
Severed pieces - violent no?
Anywho... that is what spurned the direction for my Zentangle inspired pieces for last two weeks of challenges. I divided the circle in fours (free form) so measurements are not exact, but I think it worked for this challenge. I took each section and made it a separate little work area, tiles within a tile? Divided my circle and went to town.  The outside is 2" so I thought I was playing fairly, right? It's a great way to focus on one tangle at a time. What fun. I may use this size format when I show examples of various tangles in my classes once I demonstrate them. Thanks Laura and Bijou! Check out Bijou-isms, a very talented snail!

When I was a kid I had a pet slug (it's just a snail without a shell). My mother thought it was a little weird but I really enjoyed carrying him around on my blue plastic school loose leaf. I found him fascinating and loved the shiny little trail he left on my book (it was a short lived relationship). He returned to the grass in the yard after a day of bonding. I don't believe he was from any exotic country. Mine was a boy, no name, just "slimy".  Here's a picture of me and my cousin Warren with a frog, I was quite the nature gal. Slimy came a little later... 

Challenge #178 - Duotangle by the Letter!
Was a little scattered last week so I didn't get these posted. So here are my catch-ups! Again, keeping to the basic essence of the challenge. Since my Zentangle "chop" /signature is DOB, I used that as my string and went from there. Used the 4" coasters for this one also. A round for everyone!!!!

4" Circle Intials - DOB as a string
First (left) Pole, Tipple, Dex tangleation,
Second (right) Dex tangleation, and OLF tangleations, with some shading, Tipple, and Auras


  1. Beautiful and lovely on the round tiles. I like them very much.

  2. Love what you have done! The circle is a great idea. I think I lost the plot and kept to my complicated style!

  3. What a nice idea - looks great

  4. Love the quarter rounds. . . .


  5. Hello, I heard that everyone is getting a round. I'm here for mine. Hellloooooo? Anybody here? Darn, I must be too late.

  6. I looooove your cake slices - such a great, great idea! And thanks for letting know about the beer coasters, I wondered about them for a while. Your monogram is gorgeous.

  7. Using quarter rounds is a brilliant idea. I love the special attention you gave to each tangle in each piece.

  8. Love your take on the Bijou challenge. And your duotangles by the letter are gorgeous!

  9. Wonderful idea with these quandrants of a circle! Great choice of tangles. Absolutely gorgeous your duoatangles!

  10. Like the circle format. Unique to section in quarters and use each for a monotangle. They look great even if the paper is not the best.

  11. Beautiful slices!!! Thanks for the story of your friendship with the slug, made me smile.

  12. Great idea! All your tiles are quite lovely.

  13. I love your tiles. I wish I could have read what you wrote; however, for some reason my eyes could not read on the dark color. Maybe someone else had that problem and comment, but, as I said, I couldn't read anything today :(

  14. Hummm, when I hit "publish" the dark purple background (the same as your outer bars) disappeared and the regular white came up. Odd, but I'm glad I could read what you wrote. You might want to try the Sharpie, no bleed in fine, pens for the coasters. Those pens are a bit sturdier than the microns.

    1. Thanks for your perseverance, I will try Sharpie fine points again on these tiles.

  15. What a great idea to make some round Bijou-tiles - I love them!


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