Challenge #250 - Bringing it Back to the Old School

Zentangle Original tangles: Printemps, Keeko, Knightsbridge,
Tipple (caviar), Crescent Moon, Poke Leaf and some fun variations

This weeks Diva Challenge #250 is to go back to basics or "Bringing it Back to the Old School". This week challenge is to create a piece on a WHITE 3.5" square tile, with a Black pen and pencil for shading.
  • Take the time to slow down and enjoy the process 
  • Enjoy the feel of the pen on the paper
  • Create a string,
  • Use 4 or 5 tangles you really enjoy
  • Don't worry about the composition or the outcome
  •  Just put your pen to paper and begin and enjoy the process.  after all.  It's ABOUT the process.  Not the product. (Great words Laura!)
That's what I did. Laura is right, we can get so caught up in the newest tangle or techniques, that we get away from the basic process that drew us into the Zentangle community. I am a CZT and love teaching the Zentangle process to others. It also keeps my Zentangle senses honed. Each time I teach a Basics class I get to relive the process and the pure joy of Old School Zentangle Original tangles. It's a wonderful gift.

Simple loop string with
come deviation
I'm teaching a Basics Class on the 26th so having the opportunity to create a sample piece to share with this upcoming class is perfect!

Remember to Relax, Smile, and Breathe! Love it.

Check out all the great tangling presented on the Diva's site.


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