Challenge #252 - String Theory: Tangle within a tangle

Zenplosion Folds String with Hollibaugh, Morse,
and some fun textures
I meant to get this posted last evening but fell asleep. For this week's challenge I chose to use my tangle, Zenplosion Folds, as the string. I wanted to honor my tangle and not let it get lost in the filler tangles. Shading and texture allowed me to do that. Hollibaugh is one of my go to, mac-and-cheese tangles. I find it so versitile. Adding Margaret Bremmer's Morse to the mix added another dimension. I tried to connect, the ribbons but offset them enough to show the different levels. I added some Shattuck, and fun little dalmation dots to draw the eye through the folds. I really enjoyed this challenge, thanks again Diva for making us think/create outside the box.
Mollygon - The newest tangle from Zentangle

I also played with the new tangle pattern from Rick and Maria's Zentangle Newsletter. Mollygon is a fun new tangle that lends itself to so many variations and tangleations.

This new tangle would have been a great string choice for this challenge but I wanted to emulate all the beautiful variations and examples shown by this month's Zentangle Newsletter. It's a keeper Molly!

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Check out all the other great submissions on the Diva's site for this week's challenge.

My original Zenplosion Folds string


  1. The Zensplosion looks hard enough without adding more to it. Outstanding! Molygon is a really nice tangle too. I like what you did with it!

  2. Wow! I love the Zenplosion Folds string. That's one that I haven't tried yet, but what you have done with it is amazing. I'm not sure that I could keep track of where I was going if I tried to fill this tangle. I just saw the stepouts for Molygon last night, and although I pretty much figured it out already, I have found that it's really not all that easy for me. So I guess I need to practice a bit more. Anyway, both tiles are beautiful and thank you for sharing them!

  3. I don't think I'd ever have dared to tangle a Zenplosion Folds string... but you did it and it looks great! Love your go at Molygon, too, and how you incorporated some Mooka into it. Molygon definitely is a fun tangle, had a go or two this weekend, too. :-)

  4. I like them both very mutch but what you have made from molygon, wow, that is really stunning!!!

  5. Oooh, that Zenplosion Folds string makes me eager to practice this lovely tangle! You are showing eye candy here!

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