Birthday Bash Zentangle Creation

This weekend was a milestone birthday for my friend Suzy and we had a party which was a success. It was fun to look over old pictures and memorabilia with friends. Much laughter and merriment was had by all! This, of course, was a great opportunity for me to do some zentangling for party favors. I created table decorations incorporating the zentangle image, it was such fun!

The zentangle size and orientation was based on a dome box template that I found on rubber stamping. I recreated the template in Illustrator and used it as a basis for my party "nut cups". I used the art work that created, scanned it, then manipulated it a bit in Photoshop to make the template work.

The finals were printed in black and white on colorful cardstock, and once printed, I cut along the template outline with my exacto knife, folded the boxes, added tissue paper, nuts, and m&m's and they were good to go!

The red line shows the template cut lines for the dome box. This was a fun project!

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