Tuesday Panic

Today was one of those days when I felt like the world is was against me. I went to go for a walk this morning, and as I grabbed for my ID realized my car keys were not in their designated area. I'd been working in the yard yesterday and was sure I had either thrown my keys into the leaf bags the city already picked up or ... knocked them into the garbage bag before I threw it out. Either way, I was sure I had thrown away my only set of car keys and fob! Panic does not make processing any easier, in fact, my brain shuts down and I can't think or see, I'm so busy running in circles!

Zentangling is the process of calming your mind and letting intuition flow... that's the path I finally took after checking out for a while. I went into my bedroom and calmly looked through the clothes I'd had on the day before, and miracle of miracles, my keys were in the old pants I'd put on yesterday to dig around in the garden. A moment of sanity and things become clearer. I called the dealership to get a replacement key made and sat down to do a zentangle.

What I learned from this experience... (1) I need a replacement backup key for my car, duh! and (2) be mindful and take the next right step. Panic gets you no where. Zentangling talks about being in the present and being mindful. Program talks about the same process, it is a gentle way to go through life and it works. Whether I'm mindful of where I put my keys or I'm aware of my daily path through life, it's all good. It's not always enjoyable, but it is living life to the fullest and being in the moment.

Lesson learned, at least for today! Zentangle - Breathe!

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