Summer Fun

I've found a new wonderful drawing process it's Zentangle®. It was developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. A friend of mine, Jeanne Kero, was my instructor into the wonderful "zen" world of zentangles. It's an addictive process. There are so many wonderul image references on the web to draw inspiration from. It's my new passion and only enhances my drawing, line skills. The great part is anyone can do it, or show someone else how to start!

When I do the a zentangle it feels like popping bubble wrap, it gives me that same satisfaction!

I've been working on my illustrations for a children's book and have gotten very stale and was losing my inspiration in the drawing process. Doing zentangles reenergized the process for me again.

Coffee cup zentangle

I was doodling away one morining and spilled some of my coffee on my paper. This was a perfect opportunity to inspire a zentangle with my coffee cup, spoon and fun little textures!


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