Adding Shading to the Tangle

This is my tangle with shading added, it does add a whole new dimension to a tangle. I've been trying to scan my tangles with, and without shading so I have options. I like the depth shading adds to a tangle, but once I've added shading, I can no longer take it into Photoshop to add color or modify it as easily.

Sandy Bartholemew blog features Sandra Straits description of the Chambray tangle fabric shading process from her "Totally Tangled" book for a reader. She demonstrated shading the basic fabric outline before adding the tangle pattern to the fabric folds.

I'm of two minds on that process, first, the pencil shading on top of the micron pens does diminish the intensity of the blacks, but , on the other hand I do like the option of scanning in the two versions of the same tangle for future use. One, the black and white original, scanned in black and white bitmapped high resolution (600 DPI),  next, the shaded version scanned at 300DPI in greyscale.
I'm going to have to play with both options. I do like the idea of creating one tangle that gives me two pieces of art that I have available to go back and play with, hmm...


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