Fun with Lines

I was trying to use basic lines in this tangle. My intention was to give this tangle a little more structure, but then these swirls showed up out of no where. I just couldn't help myself! My tangling style is definitely more organic and free form lines. I find the more structured tangles a little more challenging. Does that speak to my personality? I think it does!

I am a free-form sort of gal in many aspects of life. I find it fascinating that the zentangle experience appeals to so many of us, whether we are "left-brainers" that enjoy the straight measured lines and grids patterns, or the free-form, outside the lines, right-brainers where I consider myself. Both methods work beautifully with the zentangle process. I find that amazing!

Last month I was up north with my sister and participated in a zentangle day with 6 wonderful women. We all brought different talents and mind sets to the process and the result was seven fabulous tangles. All different, but each one beautiful.


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