A Lovely Fairy Invitation

I'm working on illustrating a book of wonderful fairy poems with my friend Diane Light. She created 25 delightful fairy poems. The book which will be called Into Fairyland, A Treasure Chest of Fairy Stories is in process. This is her invitation to readers.

The Zentangle process has certainly influenced my drawing style and process. As a graphic designer I'm all about the computer. I had gotten away from my hands-on creativity but beginning this book and then being exposed to the art of Zentangle process has allowed me to open up my creativity and gotten me back into the process of drawing.

I find it fascinating that being artistic is not a prerequisite for getting into the joys of  the Zentangle process. It's a way to relax, get in touch with your inner creative self (higher self). I'm looking forward to the attending the CZT training this month with my friend Jeanne to begin my journey into teaching Zentangle. It has become such a major part of my life that it's hard to believe I only began tangling in August. Once Jeanne exposed me to the process on that summer's day, I was "hooked". 


  1. Zentangling does that for a person. I ofter feel cornered by how much needs done and a few tangles later I am refreshed and ready to get back to my world. Thank you!!

  2. Thanks Ruby, Nice to know others feel the same!


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