On the Mend!

This tangle began as a birthday card for my friend ,Sharrie, her birthday was in January. She got sick on her big day so I didn't get to celebrate with her. I created this tangle for her big day but as things go, we didn't get together. Then I heard from her this past week and she was in the hospital and had been for two days so this Birthday Tangle became a Get Well Tangle. So I guess I'll call it On the Mend! It did bring a smile to her face and she is out and feeling better, so this Zentangle did it's job, just not on the day I expected to share it.

Glad your feeling better Sharrie.

I incorporated echoism, up and down, a modified vortex, munchin, shattuck, zig zag, onomoto (sort of), and hybrid . I do like the way it turned out. No shading just the straight forward black and white.


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