Play with Art Nouveau

I've been doing some winter clean outs of my stash of old papers and files and ran across an old Dover catalog. Leafing through it I found an Art Nouveau floral stencils design cover that just screamed ZENTANGLE! Sometimes I'm glad I don't throw stuff out, what a great find. This should give me many hours of inspiration and tangling experiences. Whoo-hoo.

I've been interested in adding some color to tangles for a little variety. I've had so many great sources of inspiration through Laura Harms' DIVA weekly challenge which enables me to to view many of the participants work and blogs. Great stuff! I'm particularly drawn to LeeAnn's Zentangle-ing Fun tangles so I'm inspired to try some color. I like the purity of the black and white tangle but it's fun to branch out a bit.

Color sketch of trumpet flower vine and dandelion with leaf
 I'm playing with some color sketches inspired by my find. It combines the peach trumpet flower with tendrils and round textured lily pad-like leaves. I also incorporated a sketch from a dandelion inspired design that is based on the "Dekorative Vorbilder, an extremely rare early 20th century style book" the catalogue states. I'm going to have to try and find that, hope my library has a copy?

Nouveau inspired pattern on bottom


  1. Hi Danni,
    That looks great. I love the combination of the flowers and the Zentangles. I think I'll go through my stash of old Dover books.

  2. Thanks Barbara, to me the flower pattern is a tangle. It's amazing now that I'm into Zentangles I see possibilities everywhere!


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