Weekly Challenge #54 - Purple Haze

The Diva's challenge asks us to use purple in our tangling process this week. I do love the color purple and since it is the color that represents Artoo's disease, this one is for you Artoo!

Also, congrats are in order for the Diva. She is up for nominated as one of the most fascinating blogs in 2011 in the teaching blog category and I'm definitely putting in my 2 cents on the voting! Her site has been a wonderful resource that has really helped keep my creative juices flowing. It has also allowed me to view and be inspired by the wonderful works created by other Zentangle enthusiasts around the world. You go Laura!

I began with just purple but some other tones worked themselves into my ZIA. I was using Sandy Bartholemews Yoga for the Brain as inspiration to spur my creative endeavors on the first. Hollibaugh, Cootie, Etcher, and Screen.

I'm not usually a grid/structure gal when it comes to my tangling. The more organic, fluid shapes resonate for me. So these two were my attempt to (1) add a little color, and (2) work on my grid/structured tangles.

They are grid is still very unstructured and loose but it's my attempt, and I'm pleased with the results.

My second version was "enhanced" with Photoshop to add a touch of purple here and there! Ballenchain, Knightsbridge, Cadent, Screen, and some grid play.


  1. Nice work on your grids - especially like the upper left corner on the first one. I'm more a grid girl - I often use your work as inspiration when I need to work more on the organic and more flowing side of things.

  2. Isn't it interesting how we unearth whatever it is that we need to work on and how we know our preferences based on what appears in our artwork? Really love the use of color in the first one and the looser approach to the grids in the second one.

  3. I love the unstructured look of these tiles. It makes them almost rustic in a really beautiful way.


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