Hekzeee and Pods Practice

I'm trying the Hekzee, and Pods tangle recently posted on tanglepatterns.com. Hekzee is one of those patterns that look like it can't work by viewing the instructions. I find it amazing how the pattern "appears" as you continue following the step-by-step instructions. Taking it one step at a time and not worrying about the outcome works, who knew? Could this be true in life also? I look at most things in life as tasks you either take on and finish quickly as possible or those that I procrastinate about. The all or nothing mentality doesn't always work well for me. Zentangles allow me to conquer those small spaces and see something wonderful when it's complete.


  1. great words! couldn't have said it better myself. love the tile!! :)

  2. Whispering beauty ~ in going with the flow ~ one step at a time


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