Zentangle Your Name Challenge

Okay, so I'm doing the Name challenge offered by Linda Farmer of tanglepatterns.com here challenge for us is: Zentangle your name. Fun exercise. I didn't use all official zentangle patterns so I took a little "artistic license" as they say.
DANNI Version #1:
D = Drupe
A = Afterglow (Carol Ohls pattern, not official)
N = NZeppel
N = Nightsbridge (AKA Knightsbridge)
I = Innapod (not official)

DANNI Version #2

D = DL Nebula (Donna Hornsby's pattern, not official)
A = Afterglow (Carol Ohls pattern, not official)
N = Nightsbridge (A.K.A. Knightsbridge)
N = N Zeppel
I = Intersection (Susan McNeill's pattern based on Official "Hurry" pattern?)

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  1. oooh, I love how Inapod is climbing the tangle in V1!


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