Challenge #17 - 15 Minutes of Fame

15 minute Zentangle - Version 1
Wow, Diva challenge #17 - to complete a tangle in 15 minutes, this challenge has been a tough one. Perfectionism rears its ugly head, either that, or I'm so flaky I can't focus on the time 15 minute criteria when I begin to tangle and get in the "zone". Here was my process: I looked at the time, I started to tangle, I lost track of time, or something else came up, so I forgot when I began.... I said, (to myself) of forget it! and finished the tangle in a certain time frame - not sure what that is???
I've tried doing a lot of tangles for this challenge (A LOT!!! -more than 6) but NONE of  my previous versions were successfully completed in the 15 minute time frame. I don't know the exact time for each tangle. This challenge seems so counter intuitive to the Zentangle process. Keeping track of time when your tangling, THAT'S WACKY! Question - doesn't that add stress? Answer - You bet!!!

So, once more I began, I set the timer on my computer, had to stop once (paused timer), restarted timer, and after 15 minutes this is what came out. I accomplished one more tangle in 15 minutes. What would we do without Mooka?
15 minute Zentangle - Version 2

I'm posting my original 15 minute tangles (2 versions)  but then I added some shading and another 20 minutes and finished my first version. It's not an official #17, but it's interesting to see the comparison. I must say that doing the 12 other tangles (unsuccessfully) for this challenge made the 15 minute final much easier to complete. I was much more used to the quality of time, thought, tangles that went quickly, etc. It's all a learning process so I will try this tangle a few more times this week.  I'm definitely not a fast learner when it comes to this weeks challenge.

NOT Challenge #17 final - this is version 1B, this version has shading and lines added,
Total time for this version 35-45 minutes


  1. Hi Daniele, also being a graphic designer, I know from whence this perfectionist streak comes. (Or perhaps it was the perfectionist in us that led us to this profession? [smiles]) The only way I could do this one "Zen" was to not know when the timer was going off. I got lucky and succeeded first time out (I think because I felt I had much less time than I actually had). I'm woeful at estimating time passing while I'm creating. But I love your tile!!

  2. Yes, 15 min raced by, I agree with you! It is good to just get lost in the process not worry about the time but you finished it off well!

  3. Yup, it was a bit stressful trying to keep track of time. And you really did a nice job!

  4. Very nice... both versions look great.


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