Flying Geese Arrive

I started this tile last night and finished it this morning. This weekend was beautiful, an opportunity to get outside and view the emerging garden, plants, and of course, weeds. Spring cleanup is so much fun there is the excitement of the warm weather and the anticipation as each plant peeks out after such a long, cold, snowy winter's nap. Welcome little shoots, I'm so happy to see you.

Flying geese are returning to the area and I welcome them with this tangle!

Flying geese, munchin, crescent moon, tipple, printemps.


  1. A beautiful Spring tile, Daniele! And lovely to see for those of us heading into Autumn... um, I mean "Fall!"

  2. Oh my word! And here we are wishing the darn things would just fly away!!!! Winters are so mild in my area anymore the bloody Canada Geese stay year 'round, mucking up the joint! LOL


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