Monday Tangling

Today is Monday, cool and rainy, and I have no commitments today, so, of course, I tangled. I tried out a few new patterns by Christina Vandervlist; Leau and Agua. I don't have the Agua completely down but it will be fun to play with it in the future. I look forward to adding them to my pattern repertoire.

I'm going to CZT training in less than 3 weeks and I will be teaching classes when I get back . Looking forward to the training and launching on this new adventure. Woo-hoo! I can hardly wait.

Meeting Rick and Maria should be wonderful and meeting all the people I've viewed online face-to-face will be a truly wonderful experience. What a great way to welcome in Spring!

Hopefully I'll be able to add "CZT" to my name. An Official Zentangle teacher, I hope!

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  1. Oh, Danni, you used my tangles! I'm just tickled PINK! *G*


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