A Little Flowery Concoction

Went to a meeting of the "Cake Eaters" group at the 212 Art Center in Saline on Friday morning. It's a wonderful group of artists and craftspeople that meet once a week to share creative spirits. I met many artists from all media and backgrounds. Very exciting and inspirational.

I'm going to teach a few Zentangle classes at the 212 Art Center in Saline this spring and I'm so looking forward to the process.

This flower concoction was inspired by the Cake Eater's group and our warming temperatures with the hope, that soon, we may be able to walk outside without coats and mittens or snow flurries!

I started this tangle as a simple coloring book outline, let it sit for a day, then revisited it and saw the possibilities. By going back and adding lot's of contrast and depth it could be a nice piece. I incorporated little seeds everywhere that will, hopefully, bloom and develop into full grown tangles some day. Won't it make a mommy proud!


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