Fabric Zentangle

White Cotton Sateen Zentangle
I created this fabric tile using a Sharpie 0.3mm pen on white cotton sateen fabric. I'm going to try scanning an image in from an original tangle drawing and imprinting that on fabric from my printer.

I want to find a way to display it that doesn't involve sewing.


  1. Very nice, Danni! One thing that could be done to display it if it since it is small would be to just cut a small mat board to go around it and frame it just like a painting. It could even have a thin batting behind it to give it a little 3D effect. I've seen fabric done like this very often. And for fabric, Pigma Gel Rollers for Fabric are the best I've used for not bleeding - they come in black, red, and blue.

  2. You could also choose to staple it around a stretcher frame, like a canvas. This is also effective if you layer it with muslin, batting, good stuff, then staple to the back of the stretcher frame as the subtle padding smooths the surface nicely and provides a very discreet dimensionality to the finished presentation. Just offerin'! *G*

  3. Have you ever heard of a product called Liquid Pencil? I read about it recently on the Cloth, Paper, Scissors website. It is permanent on fabric, and is a great way to add all that lovely shading that brings our Zentangles to life on paper! Your art is lovely!! If you try this product, please let us know how you like it!


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