Fabric Zentangles Fun

I'm trying fabric as a media for some Zentangle squares. My friend Jeanne and I got together this week to tangle and I brought some cotton sateen fabric for our Zentangle canvas. I had seen Sande Lefaut's blog and she posted Zentangles she had done on fabric. She used cotton sateen and I'm fascinated with this process. After ironing freezer paper on the back side, I began tangling. Using my Sakura micron pen and some colored pencils (Xonex brand?), I played. When I drew on the fabric I couldn't get the high contrast blacks so I added the color.  

I usually scan in my completed tangles and modify the levels in Photoshop to bring out the blacks, but this time I left it as scanned. It's more muted than a paper version. I'm going to play with some quilting and incorporating it in a wall hanging. I might add some beads for color and accents. Definitely not the purist version of tangling but what fun to play!

I also tried a tangle on cotton muslin. I accidentally scorched the material when ironing (the heat on my iron is much too hot after one too many drops from the ironing board I guess). At first I freaked, but than I thought, hmmm.... This is pretty kool, I think I'll scorch it here, and here, and here... that formed the string for this tangle. Serendipity strikes! I just followed the burn impressions and really enjoyed using the shape template I'd created with my iron to guide my creation. I was going to toss the iron, but now I'll save it for future scorching projects!


  1. Too funny on the scorched one - it's lovely. Has the look of tea-dyed cloth but scorching would be easier to do - must try this!

  2. Wow - just like when you get lemons, make lemonade! Beautiful!


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