Tangling without limits

"No tangle limitations here!" (thanks Kit!)
 These are just a few of my many tangles this week. What fun, even though they failed the 15 minute time frame. I especially enjoyed the top 2 because I was playing with the lovely tangle pattern I saw on Jane MacKugler's blog, the lovely flowery design. It's so sweet! She said it was inspired by a henna drum design a friend showed her. Very fun to draw, thanks Jane!


  1. Hey Dani, I love the little guy (well I see him!) just to the right of the top of Coaster (first ZT). Think I'd change your caption though. How about "No tangelimitations here!" (Just because I don't think the word 'fail' belongs anywhere on this page!!

  2. Danni, these are great! I agree, the 15 min was tough. My flower drumline (I have to figure out what to call it!)pattern looks great, you incorporated them nicely. Go look at hennapage.com for some more great ideas!

  3. Danni, these are all beautiful tangles - wow!


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