Mr. Pickle Dances...

Watch Mr. Pickle Dance and Wave!

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Fairy Land Drawings Continue

I am continuing on my Fairy Land drawings. I'm researching pictures on the web for drawing references. What did illustrators use for references before they had the internet? I would have to have bookcases full of references books to help with my drawings in the past.

Here are the drawings I'm currently working on:
Cattails or "Pickles",  as my friend Lois's grandson Luc identified them.


Hi Luc and Cole, how do you like these pickles?

Fairy with Dragonflies...                                                                  Fairy on Leaping Frog

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Drawing fairies

It's March and spring is in the air. I just saw a robin, my day lilies tender little shoots are beginnig to peek out in my garden, and the ground hogs are becoming active, Yikes! Last year I was on ground hog patrol trying to rid my garden of these pesky varmits. I got so tired of them using my garden as a buffet! I digress...

My creative process begins....

I've been working on some illustrations for a friends children's book. I started actively drawing for this project about a year ago and hit an impasse. I'm now re-energized, and for the last week I've been consumed with creating illustrations for a fairy poem.

My favorite childhood book was a Golden Book, illustrated by Garth Williams, not the singer, the artist! It's a wonderful collection of stories and poems collected by Susan Warner. The book is the Big Golden Book of Elves and Fairies. As a child, my mother read it to my sisters and me all the time. I grew up in the 50's, which is when this book first was published. It went out of print in 1957.

I searched for this book most of my adult life. I would cruz every old bookstore I came across hoping to find this book. I could never find it. Finally, I was at a dear friends helping with some organization projects and we came upon this book in her extensive collection of children's books. I commented on the fact that I had loved this book as a child and had looked for it in every old bookstore I had come across for the last twenty years.

She suggested that she call her children, (all adults now), and ask them if she could give their old book to me. She did, and all the siblings agreed it was a wonderful idea to pass this cherished book on to me. I was so touched, it was one of the most wonderful gifts I had ever received. I cherish it.

The Big Golden Book of Elves and Fairies was the inspiration for my illustrations. I've been totally immeshed in the process. I'm doing the illustrations directly on the computer using Adobe Photoshop. It's a great way to work and use my tools of Graphic Design to create these whimsical Illustrations.

I enjoy the process of taking pen in hand and drawing. I connecting with my creative process on a tactile level. I'm a graphic designer and use the computer every day so seperating my process from the computer is freeing. It's an involved process to do my line art by hand, scan drawings, convert the scanned art into clean lines in Photoshop, then add color in Photoshop. I'm now trying to do my painting directly in Photoshop and it's great to generate a digital version of my illustrations directly from my computer.

Please check the website I just designed. I'm part of a group that is publishing children's book. It's an honor to work with these friends. The publishing group is known as Screen Door Publishing. Please check out the website

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