Challenge #293 - Keeko, you know!

Keeko is one of my go to tangles and I too, always, include it in my Basics class. Fun challenge and I tried to push the envelope a bit with this one, do a little rounding, lot's of shading and movement. Fun time with Keeko, thanks Diva!

Challenge #286 - Straight To It - "Pipe Town"

Pipe Town: W2, Square Tipple, Pipz, Flukes, Cubine,
and a little town
The Diva's Challenge #286 asks us to use only straight lines. I'm not a straight line tangler, curves are my thing, so I did the best I could. I kept my string square, just a couple of boxes and went from there. Began with a loose W2 and let it grow organicly from there. Loose W2 with square tipple background elongated into pipz, a small town grew out of the top, Flukes triangles and Cubine with pipes peeping out all over.

I have some classes coming up in a new space in Saline. Two Twelve Arts was my class home for the last 6 years, it closed this September. Two Twelve was a wonderful space to teach with a great group of people all supporting the arts community in this area. Margie Bovee was the founder and supporter of this wonderful adventure. Margie was a director of the Cowan Slavin Foundation, a 501 C 3 non-profit corporation, which was managed by her father, Albert Slavin. That Massachusetts based foundation funded the Two Twelve Arts Center for the last ten years.The Two Twelve will be missed, a wonderful home and a great group of people.

Now there is a new space that has been offered to the artists of Saline for teaching, community development and lot's of art. Classes offered in the space are advertised through Saline Community Ed, so it's an exciting beginning of something new in Saline. The group that will be administering the space and classes in the new venue is known as Spring Valley Arts. Look for more updates.