Challenge #103 - String Theory v.XXII - Moebius Syndrome Awareness

Diva's Weekly Challenge #103 - String Theory v.XXII - Moebius Syndrome Awareness. I freehanded the Moebius logo and then added some beads for Artoo.

Weekly Challenge #88 - Official Tangle: IX

Weekly Challenge #88 - Official Tangle: IX Catch Up

Challenge #102 - Auraknot and Bunzo Duotangle

The Diva Challenge for week #102 - Auraknot and Bunzo Duotangle Catch Up

Challenge #104 - String Theory v. XXIII - TanglePatterns String #003

Laura Harm's Challenge this week #104 asked us to use one of the strings from Linda Farmer's It's a straight line string (String #003), not one of my usual choices since I'm usually a curvey gal - when it comes to strings. It's been quite a while since I've posted for this weekly challenge. I've done many of them, just not posted. This was a fun process and I let the tangles and the process lead me. The string went a little Wonky but my heart was in the right place. I had a blast doing this, can't really explain the outcome, but the journey was wonderful. 

I began with Spikey Wire, trying to return to my steam punk study, then added some Keeko (with ripples), Printemps, some Hollibaugh with Tipple, a little Crescent Moon gone organic, and then some twigs sprouting Poke Leaf. Added shading with pencil and lines and it felt complete. I'm teaching a Zentangle Basics course tomorrow night and I wanted to have some current examples to share. 

It is what it is... and It was fun!