Challenge #156 - Curvy Gridlock and #155 - A Little White Space

Grid-based, Knightsbridge, Copada, MI2
Scrolls, Beadz and strings, and
The Diva's Challenge for week #156 asks us to create a Curvy Grid-based work. I don't usually use many grid-based structured tangles but I'm always up for a challenge.  I used MI2, Florz, Copada, Knightsbridge, some beadz and baubles, curves and rolls. Then I added lots of shading and volume play. I'm not a grid gal, but adding the curves made it much more palatable for me.

I wasn't able to make comments this week because of my computer. This piece took me many days to complete but I'm happy with the results. I used a simple string and then penciled in a grid for reference. I began tangling my little centered egg shape, then worked on the right side with beginning with MI2. The molding tangles developed from the grid, I just divided, auraed and repeated. Not sure if it's an official tangle.

This piece was much more involved than my usual process. It is grid-based but not very "structured". Organic is always my end result but I used a confined organic to keep to the letter of for this challenge.

My second piece is from last week's #155 - "A Little White Space" open-space challenge. My computer has been wonky so I didn't get it posted last week. I am very comfortable with open spaces in my work. I think it gives my pieces breathing room. I love to let the viewers mind/eye complete the spaces, not filling every nook and cranny is my preference. I get involved in so much of the detail when I work. I love the textures, shading and levels we can create with the Zentangle process and our beautiful tangles so leaving open space, for me, is very important. Check out the Diva's site for more wonderful work and join in one of the Diva's challenges yourself.
Hollibaugh, Knightsbridge border, Beadz, Tipple
Lot's of contrast and shading