Christmas Fun Continued...

I had some scraps left over torn scraps of muslin and decided to play with some Inktense pencils on cloth. I created this owl ornament for a friend who has just moved back to Michigan. This owl was inspired by

Painted owl
Owl created on muslin scraps using micron pens and Inktense pencils for color.
I then brushed on water to liquify the pencil colors. When completed the piece
was ironed to set color.

This is the image from the back, I love the mysterious watercolor look
on the reverse side.

I then laid down some strips of color, and roughly tore "feathers" for the crest.

Completed owl, partially sewn. I enhanced the piece by adding touches of white and more texture
and pattern. I topped the piece with the frayed muslin plumage crown. I will stuff it and add a message on the back with a rustic wire loop on the back for hanging.

Christmas Fun

Playing around with some little dolls, ornaments for Christmas. This is Iris, she's still a work in progress, but I'm enjoying playing.

Front of Iris: legs not finished or attached

Back of Iris: legs not finished or attached
Completed doll: Iris has legs with striped tights, 
red mary janes with buttons, and arms!


I used muslin, acrylic pen, pens, hair is embroidery floss of painted muslin. She is embellished with pearls and some metallic paint. 
Completed doll now has legs, with striped tights, red mary janes, and arms.